Artist Statement
Monuments to Water and Air Systems

Water and air are essential. Clean water and air, as well as the systems that deliver them, are undeniable necessities and conveniences within our lives. Conceptually, my work focuses on water and air distribution systems, both real and imaginary, and the ingenuity and materials needed to design and maintain them. Regarding process, I am firmly rooted within traditional craft as it pertains to both art and skilled trades and the manufacturing industry. By combining seemingly contradictory and disparate materials such as handmade fired ceramics, air filters, found industrial objects, and steel pipes, I present whimsical systems intended to ease the viewer into underlying ideas about progress, change, time, and decay. I bridge the gap between development and deterioration by exploring human ingenuity, resourcefulness, and the (sometimes) absurdity of our built environment.

Dinosaurs, Small Monuments to Big Machines

These pieces are from a body of new work called Dinosaurs, Small Monuments to Big Machines that explores society’s relationship with heavy machinery. Society often refers to old machines – both functioning and defunct – as “dinosaurs”. Within this work I explore that phrase as both literal and abstract idea.

Dinosaurs, Small Monuments to Big Machines brings a whimsical approach to the exploration of ridged geometry by exploring colorful, playful and spatially interactive forms that engage surrounding architecture, spaces and the people who inhabit them.

These works investigate a new and lighthearted way to contemplate heavy machinery. Through titles of the works and inclusion of the authentic colors that correspond to industrial manufacturers, I associate these abstracted welded objects with their heavy machinery counterparts, paying tribute to their usefulness in our contemporary society.

Utilizing the visual language that is created through this process, I encourage viewers to embrace the glory of mechanization and contemplate the expressive human qualities of efficiency, agency, and ingenuity that are captured in the mechanical systems that populate our daily lives.
-Matt Moyer